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The One Year Bible Challenge is a discipleship resource designed to take the fear out of one year Bible plans. The goal of the One Year Bible Challenge is to provide enough framework to daily Bible reading that personal reading becomes an enjoyable, manageable part of your day. To help you in making Bible reading part of your daily routine, we’ve provided the following resources:

The Reading Plan

Originally published by The Bible Project, the reading plan takes you through the entire Bible in one year. The Scriptures are organized in semi-chronological order. You'll read two or three chapters a day, and sometimes skim through larger portions that contain genealogies, census information, etc.  Download the 2019 Reading Plan


The Bible Project publishes the following types of brief illustrated videos, listed in your reading schedule. Please note: the Pastors at Calvary consider many of these videos helpful, but do not necessarily endorse everything these videos espouse. View the Bible Project Videos

Memory Verses

Psalm 119:11 says, "I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you." To help apply that Scripture, this reading plan offers verses to memorize each week. The verses appear in bold italics in the Videos/Memory Verses column of the reading plan. View the 2019 Memory Verses


In addition to the previously described features of the reading plan, Calvary will be providing daily commentaries and suggestions to foster discipleship and fellowship as we read through the Bible together in 2019. View the Commentaries

Through the Bible Teachings

To aid your Bible reading, we’ve linked Pastor Lloyd's complete Through the Bible teaching to our One Year Bible Challenge website. These teachings will help you dive deeper into specific passages and will help explain the background and context that is harder to come by in personal reading. View Pastor Lloyd’s Through the Bible Teachings.

Worship Songs

Our reading of the Bible should lead us to respond in worship. For each day's reading, we've linked worship songs with themes that help us celebrate the truths we've read. View the Worship Songs or Download the 2019 PDF.


Prior to His ascension, Jesus spoke these final words to His disciples, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations” (Matthew 28:19a). Jesus commanded His disciples to go and make disciples. One way that we can do that is by encouraging others to join us in our journey reading through the Bible in one year.

Consider asking family members, friends, fellow churchgoers, or even co-workers to join you on this life-changing journey. To use the program for discipleship, you can talk by phone a couple of times each week, or meet each other in person. Consider making 2019 a year to encourage one another in the Word of God!


With so many of us reading through the same Bible reading schedule in 2019, why not make the Word of God part of our fellowship with one another? Rather than focusing our conversations merely on our families, health, or favorite sports teams, let’s remind one another to share what we have read in and are learning from The Bible Challenge. What a refreshing way to experience true Biblical fellowship!


Phone App


Use the CCOB app to access all Bible Challenge resources. The “Bible” section of the app contains all the website links for the Bible Challenge.


Bible Project Videos

The Bible Project offers a variety of videos that present overviews of Bible books and themes. The pastors at Calvary Old Bridge consider many of these videos helpful, but do not necessarily endorse all of their content.


Bible Challenge Commentary

Free commentary for each day of your reading plan.



Bible Challenge Memory Verses

Bible Challenge Worship Songs