As Christians we are called to serve the Lord and to serve one another. This 5-week course, required of all serving in the CCOB ministry, is designed to help believers follow the example that Jesus provided as servant of all. You will learn important principles of Christian service necessary to minister effectively in the Lord’s name and in His strength.

Below are the audio messages that pertain to the weekly assignments. Please note that this class is intended to be taken in person, rather than at home. If you have any questions about this class or the materials below, please contact Pastor Dave B by email or phone (732-679-9222).







Ministry in today's world is a mixed bag of many styles, models, and viewpoints. Some ministry models are taken from the business world, wile others from current postmodern mind-sets. The question the pastor or Christian worker should ask himself or herself is not, Do these ministry models work? but are they biblical? In Essentials in Ministry, pastor and Bible teacher Brian Brodersen takes a much-needed look at the core areas of ministry, asking the questions: What are the essential components of ministry? and, what is the church supposed to look like today?


The jesus style - gayle d. erwin

Jesus describes himself in his "Greatest in the Kingdom" teachings in response to the Apostles who argued constantly about which of them was the greatest. We discover that Jesus, as the actual greatest, was the one truly others-centered person. This book, considered a modern classic by many, is required reading for schools, seminars, church leaders, home fellowships and missions trainees. In print since 1983. Now in 35 languages.

Class Agenda & Assignments

Prayer & Intro

10 minutes


45 minutes

Q & A

20 minutes

Close in Prayer

5 minutes



Prepare a one-page, typed & double spaced response paper, for each of the five messages that are included in your package. Please hand in one paper per week (assignments on front page). Your paper should be a personal reflection of what and how God speaks to you through the message, NOT a summary of the message content. Your paper should be turned in at the beginning of the next class.

Book Readings:

At the conclusion of the course you are to submit a written statement saying you have read the assigned books in their entirety. You may read them in any order you prefer.

Special Note:

The entire Pastoral Staff is here to assist you if you need help. Our study together will be diligent and intense. You will study hard, but if you will apply yourself, you will grow closer to Jesus than ever before. We look forward to a great work of God as we put into practice these teachings on servant leadership.