Discipleship Home Groups

Discipleship home groups are small groups that consist of 6-12 people who get together in a relaxed atmosphere, usually in someone’s home for Bible study, prayer, discipleship and fellowship. Most CCOB home groups meet once a week for 8-10 weeks and will give you the opportunity to be taught by others and encourage you to learn to teach others.

Discipleship Home Groups are one of the most important ways that you can dig into the Word of God and develop crucial accountability relationships.  Anyone who calls Calvary Chapel Old Bridge home is welcome – in fact, strongly encouraged – to join a Discipleship Home Group! 


Use this map to locate a home group in your area.


Who Can Join a Discipleship Home Group?

All are welcome. Just come as you are! There are no prerequisites and you do not have to attend Calvary Chapel to participate.

What Types of Home Groups Are Available at CCOB?

  • Men’s Home Groups

  • Women’s Home Groups

  • Mixed Home Groups

How Can I Contact Home Groups Leaders?

E-mail Us Your Question

Why Are Home Groups Important?

The Bible tells us that God intends for us to have connection with one another. For example, Jesus exhorts us to love one another (John 13:34) and to serve one another (John 13:12-15) and Paul reminds us that the church is one body with many parts that need to work together (1 Cor. 12:12-31). Jesus also said we are to “Let our light shine before men so that they may see our good works and glorify the Father in heaven” (Matt 5:16). So you could say that small groups give us the opportunity to glorify God through “one another” ministry.

What Happens in Discipleship Home Groups?

  • CONNECT: What are your relationships based on? Small groups are a great way to develop authentic relationships with a common bond of understanding what it means to know and follow Jesus.

  • GROW: How do we develop a closer relationship with Jesus Christ? Small groups are a safe place where we can learn God’s Word and ask practical questions about how it applies to everyday life in areas like marriage, divorce, parenting, aging parents, job loss, death, and personal success and failure.

  • DISCIPLE: Discipleship home groups are designed to foster spiritual growth outside of the normal church setting and equip each other to serve the Lord. Here you will learn to become disciples and to disciple others.

  • SERVE: Opportunities are provided for small groups to serve together to support and bless others in need.

What Do People Think About Their Experience in Home Groups?

Practical discipleship and commitment towards rapid growth in the faith is what I experienced in our group. 
— Jorge
I knew only a few people at church before our DHG started. Now I am able to spot a friend regularly, and I’ve only been attending CCOB for six months!
— Lisa
What a blessing the DHG was! God had perfectly put a group of women together who had similar challenges, different walks with the Lord and amazing compassion for each other.
—  Mimi
Our group is truly a family where there is love, care, concern, prayer and support for each person. We feel so much more connected to the church as a whole by being a part of this fellowship.
— Martin and Arlene
I have to say that the 3 months that I was doing this study were the best 3 months of my life. The only way to describe how I felt during these days is that I was under the loving protection of God! 
— Maureen
What God did with the group meeting at my home was absolutely mind boggling. Just the people He brought together showed His great blessings! 
— Michael
We have laughed and cried together. We have seen God move mountains as we grow into the image of Jesus. 
— Dan and Gail
The more we share and remember the reality of God’s presence in our lives and the lives of others, the deeper our own faith experience becomes. The Discipleship Home Groups are a simple and meaningful way to make friends and deepen our relationship with the Body of Christ. 
— Ralph