Calvary Connect, the online community of Calvary Chapel Old Bridge.

Calvary Connect is a system designed to simplify day-to-day activities while helping you stay connected with all we have going on at Calvary Old Bridge.

Calvary Connect will:

  • Make signing up to serve faster and easier
  • Make children’s check-in quicker and more secure
  • Improve communication between you and church leaders



Calvary Connect Registration

By registering for Calvary Connect, you are tapping into the best source of information we have. Calvary Connect allows you to stay up to date with our various ministries, easily sign up for events, and even hear from time to time from Pastor Lloyd about different opportunities. With Calvary Connect, you fully control the amount of information you receive while enabling your leaders to give you the best care possible.

Ministry Directory Booklet

Our goal at CCOB is to help you find your niche, the place where you best connect with others and can use your gifts. The Ministry Directory is one way we help connect people to their niche. The Ministry Directory is your one-stop source for all things CCOB. In it, you’ll find succinct descriptions of each of our ministries, contact information for each ministry leader, and some core things we encourage for everyone at Calvary.